Definitions of The History of Ballet

Ballet is a significant portion of theatre, and a favourite illustration is The Nutcracker. It is a form of dancing which may tell a story, express a mood, or just reflect a piece of music. It developed under the aristocratic influence as a formalized form of dance. It involves the creation of the dance itself, often a type of imaginary story.

Because ballet is remarkable! It is one of the most celebrated and recognizable dancing styles iDefinitions of The History of Balletn the world. It was popular with the public. There are a few ballets that were performed many times over many decades.

When you visit the ballet, you will notice a story performed to beautiful music. Though the story of a specific ballet is the exact same, the true dance is most likely quite different each place you see it. It is told with the help of dance and mime.

Now, the costumes don’t hide many movements whatsoever, much enjoy the costumes for different kinds of dance. Ballet costumes have existed since the early fifteenth century. Dance dresses are likewise an option you may consider. There are many sorts of plus size dance dresses from which you can decide to suit your taste. A ballerina skirt is likewise an option you need to consider.

performance wall artBallet dancing demands flexibility, body control and a lot of training. It is not just an activity for girls. It might be the activity for you. No matter your association with ballet, it’s a gorgeous, graceful type of dancing! Belly dancing helps a whole lot in weight reduction.

Dancers should be able to float through the air in ways that appear to defy gravity or spin on the ends of their toes. The dancers utilize the bar in a lot of ways. Nowadays ballet dancers perform in numerous costumes, which could still consist of traditional Diaghilev designs. A ballet dancer must also have certain mental abilities, such as, for instance, a sense of rhythm and knowledge of music. Tap dancers are thought to be percussionists since they make the sound whilst doing the dance.

You may certainly tap dance on slow songs too. Dance appears to have ever been around and served many diverse purposes. Dance may have become the reason behind the music in the very first spot. The dance performed with mariachi music is known as zapateado and it’s a standard fashion of dance that originated in Spain, very similar to the footwork in flamenco dancing.

The banner art was done some years back, is different from the art that’s being done today. The method by which the art has developed across time is a wonder. It’s very simple to find out more about art, using the modern technology of the net. It is really important for an artist to be aware of the modes of publicity and the touch of skilled expertise ought to be there in the concerned art.

Through it, you could observe the feeling of community, and you may see so many folks spending their free time to create their city better. The idea of abstract art involves a good deal of thinking more than anything else. The invention of dance is known as choreography.



Performing Arts and Dance

There are so many things that people love in their lives and there are so many things that they like to do when they are free. Arts is one such activity which matches both of the aforementioned situations. Arts is a concept that has been in this world for thousands of years and the connection between arts and people is a historic relationship. When it comes to arts, there are so many categories available. Among these categories, there are some which have able to get into people’s soul. Performing arts and Dance are two such categories in arts which most of the people love most.

Performing Arts AustraliaWhen the word “art” is heard, there are some main categories which come to our minds within milliseconds and performing arts and dance are always there. There are some people who follow these versions of arts for their passion or as a hobby. But when it comes to the present, performing arts and dance are not framed only into just hobbies. Today it has become a profession and there are so many people in the world who have made their careers in the performing arts and dance industry. Even most of the parents today, guide their children to performing arts and dance, because they know that in contrast to the past, art has a great demand in the world. Most of the professionals in this field have succeeded in their careers with a better guidance and practice.

To succeed in any career, a better guidance of the specialists in that certain field and practice matter a lot. So in performing arts and dance too, it is never too late to have the guidance of a professional, if you need to succeed in this great field. Expression Dance Company is one such place in Australia where you can build your skills on performing arts and dance. There are so many professionals who can guide you to the top of the field.

Expressions Wins Two Touring with Excellence Awards

Expressions Double Season Acclaim!

Upcoming Queensland Tour
The Workroom
August 2015
Expressions Double Season Acclaim!

Expressions have concluded a highly successful
August Double Season, in Brisbane, at the Judith Wright Centre
of Contemporary Art. The Double Season featured Maggi Sietsma’s The
5th Door
followed closely by Memory, a double-bill performance
with two guest choreographers: Natalie Weir and her work Jigsaw,
and Cheng Tsung Lung with Fragments of Memory.

The 5th Door, a contemporary reinvention of the classic
tale of Bluebeard by Maggi Sietsma, received
fanstastic feedback from audiences: “intense and beautiful
“innovative, thought-provoking and relevant”, “strong,
passionate performance that addressed the issue of domestic violence
in an expressive manner”
. Critical reviews responded
with praise, as
The 5th Door “demonstrates why the company has
been consistently internationally acclaimed: superb performers
delivering socially relevant yet engaging dance theatre, reinforced
by a compelling score and dramatic design elements”


Audiences were again inspired and moved by the
second Brisbane season Memory, with two distinct yet strong
dance performances.
Jigsaw, by Natalie Weir (originally performed in New york
and China) engaged audiences with it’s inventive and physical interpretation
of phobias and the relationships affected by them. Reviews
commended the successful re-mount of Jigsaw “as
testimony to Weir’s inventive vision and ability to tap into the
psyche…so many of it’s images have remained familiar”.

The World Premiere of Fragments
of Memory
Cheng Tsung Lung moved audience members inspiring an overwhelming
response of positive feedback. Memory was described as “spectacular
and captivating”, “unusual, beautiful, fluid”, “exhilirating
and inspiring”
with one audience member so enthused
she wrote to us,
“Amazing! I wish I could watch hours of it!”.


Expressions Wins Two Drovers!

With Excellence

Expressions Dance Company is the first
Queensland company
to win a prestigious DROVER
AWARD, the National Touring Awards which are presented
annually, since 2004, by the Australian Performing Arts Centres

The Company won TWO of the nine
recognises the production company with an outstanding commitment
to touring. The second Award won was the SPECIAL PANEL
 This Award is given to a
tour that is highly innovative in its art form or touring model.

Queensland Tour

Co-presented with Queensland Arts Council, Expressions
embarks on a Queensland
covering Maryborough, the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Caloundra
and Toowoomba, performing Memory:
A Double Bill
October. The company will perform in:

The Brolga

Thursday 11th October
Ph 4122 6060


Gold Coast Arts Centre

Wednesday 17th October 8pm
Bookings: Ph 5588 4000


Pilbeam Theatre

Saturday 20th October 8pm

Bookings: Ph 4927 4111


The Events Centre

Wednesday 24th October 8pm

Ph 5491 4240


The Empire Theatre
Saturday 27th October 8pm
Bookings:  Ph 1300 655 299

While on tour Expressions will
conduct an extensive number of workshops, led by the company’s
world class dancers, for all school and community groups who
attend the show. Expressions will conduct over 120 workshops
in Queensland this year in Maryborough, the Gold Coast, Rockhampton,
and Brisbane.

To book a workshop and take advantage of this amazing
opportunity please contact:

Expressions Dance Company

Phone: (07) 3857 4222



The Workroom

Open to dance/movement based artists, Expressions
invites independent choreographers to present their work
in progress
as part of “The Workroom”.  On
a first come first served basis, this showing offers a high visibility,
low-tech arena in the company’s studio.

Following the presentations a moderation session (audience
discussion and feedback
) will take place. Dance enthusiasts,
friends and industry representatives are invited to attend the
showing and to offer feedback during the moderation sessions.

When: Thursday 15th November 2015

Where: Expressions Studio,

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

For registration or inquiries please contact Abel
Valls or Diane Leith at Expressions Dance Company
Ph: 3257
4222< E-mail: