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Expressions Resources

The Company has archive material that is available on special request only. If you would like to access this you will need to call the company on (07) 3257 4222 to discuss the possibility. Otherwise please contact one of the libraries listed below.

Currently the Company has the following resources:

Dream Hunters Dance Appreciation Teacher Resource Kit
Direct Heat Dance Appreciation Teacher Resource Kit
Alone Together Dance Appreciation Teacher Resource Kit
Videos of performances
Reviews of performances
Interviews with Company Artists
Performance Programmes
Dance Partners Newsletters
Past Productions Listing including: Dates, Choreographer, Composer, Designer, Dancers, Venue

Library Resources

The Company is not available as a resource centre. Other tertiary, state and national libraries however, have comprehensive listings of company activities. Please use the following as a guide.

Ausdance Guide to Australian Dance Companies

Ausdance Publication available from all Ausdance offices and ABC shops.
Ausdance Qld Tel: (07) 3215 0830 Fax: (07) 3215 0833

Gladys Moncreiff Library of the Queensland Performing Arts Trust

Performing arts library. Extensive information on all QPAC productions. Arts reference material, arts journals, annual reports, history of dance in Queensland. Film and video of Expressions Dance Company. Poster and photographic collections.
Public access library. Photocopying available. Viewing on site by appointment only.
Contact Tel: (07) 3840 7438 Fax: (07) 3846 5768

State Library of Queensland

Newspaper, periodical and journal reviews.
Public access library. Photocopying available.
Performing Arts Section
Tel: Music or Dance (07) 3840 7839

National Library of Australia

Decadances: Alone Together, 1995 (Moving picture)

Choreography: Maggi Sietsma
Music: Compilation by Abel Valls
Lighting: Nick Schlieper
Cast: Simone Atthow, Tracey Carrodus, Tammy Meeuwissen, Nik Hills, Jamie Redfern, Justin Rutzou
betacam SP videotape, produced by Expressions Dance Company
colour, sound, 41 mins
Alone Together was inspired by the paintings of American artist Edward Hopper. Director's notes record that Alone Together is '... a web of impressions of human behaviour. While characters and scenes overlap, they are connected, as it were, by a logic of the body and the emotions, not only by the logic of the conscious mind'. The drama consultant for this work was Jennifer Flowers. Decadances was a 1995 season title and the season consisted of two works, Alone Together and Natalie Weir's In-sight. Sietsma, Maggi
Location: The Keep Dancing! Collection
ScreenSound Australia Title no: 423744

Expressions Dance Company Website (Archived), 2002 (Website)

Expressions Dance Company Website was archived for PANDORA on 6 November 2002 in the category 'Arts and Humanities' Location:
National Library of Australia
Archived as: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/32006/20021106/www.expressions.org.au/Default.htm

Interview with Maggi Sietsma, 1996 (Oral history)

Interviewee: Sietsma, Maggi
Interviewer: Michelle Potter
Audiotape, 240 mins
Maggi Sietsma discusses her early choreography, the influences on her work of some American choreographers, especially Murray Louis, her approaches to and philosophy behind her own choreography and her attitude to the teaching of choreography. She discusses some of her works in detail, in particular Adam in Wonderland, and reflects on the relationship between dance and text. She also discusses the establishment of Expressions Dance Company. The interview contains information about Sietsma's childhood and family background and, her dance training and experiences with classical companies. Throughout the interview Sietsma reflects on many of her teachers, mentors and colleagues, including Dame Margaret Scott, Dame Peggy van Praagh and Graeme Murphy. Sietsma, Maggi; van Praagh, Peggy; Murphy, Graeme; Scott, Margaret Location: National Library of Australia TRC 3526

Newspaper clippings, Maggi Sietsma, 1993-1998 (Ephemera)

A small selection of press articles from Australian newspapers relating to Sietsma's career, including articles relating to her involvement with Expressions Dance Company, and her choreographic work Dream Hunters. Sietsma, Maggi
Location: National Library of Australia Access through Newspaper/Microform Reading Room

Newspaper clippings, Natalie Weir, 1995-2000 (Ephemera)

A small selection of press articles from various Australian newspapers relating to Weir's career, including articles relating to her involvement with Expressions Dance Company, the Queensland Ballet and the Australian Ballet. Australian Ballet, The; Weir, Natalie; Queensland Ballet, The
Location: National Library of Australia Access through Newspaper/Microform Reading Room

Programs, Expressions Dance Company, 1985-1999 (Ephemera)

A comprehensive collection of flyers, press releases, newspaper clippings, programs and other ephemera relating to works by Expressions Dance Company from 1985 to 2002. Also included is a copy of Expressions Dance Company: Directory of Performances and Events, 1985-1999. Indivdual entries in the directory refer to choreographers and composers in addition to giving venues, dates and touring schedules for individual works or seasons. The directory also lists performers, designers, composers and drama/vocal coaches who have worked with the company from 1985 to 1999.
Location: National Library of Australia PROMPT Collection (Access through Petherick Room)

National Library of Australia
Canberra, ACT 2600 AUSTRALIA
Telephone: + 61 2 6262 1111
Fax: +61 2 6257 1703
TTY: 1800 026 372