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Available for Touring

Choreography by Maggi Sietsma

They’re the television shows we love to hate: Australian Idol, The Price is Right, Big Brother.
Score! is Expressions’ take on a behind the scenes look at the world of reality TV.

Score! takes its inspiration from Michel Fokine’s ballet Petrushka and today’s reality TV shows. The fairground puppeteer is transformed into a slick TV host with his dancing puppets now contestants in a glitzy reality TV competition. The ultimate prize is a partner for life, the ballerina! Packed with striking physicality, this work is sharp and witty, using live footage and video projections.

"Score! is a winner -- thoroughly engaging and accessible... Touchdown!  

For the past 20 years Expressions Dance Company has consistently produced dance theatre of the highest calibre.

Olivia Stewart, The Courier-Mail

"Score! is dance theatre that really engages the audience... complete with both comedy and tragedy." Ruth Ridgeway, Dance Australia

Click here for Sun Sentinel Miami Full Review

Choreographer's Notes

"Since 2002 there has been a huge rise in reality based TV programs such as Big Brother, Australian Idol, The Bachelor, Survivor, etc, it seems that absolutely anybody has the chance to become a STAR! Being famous is suddenly something we are being told anybody is capable of achieving.

This modern lie is promoted by marketing companies and the very fabric of our society is changing, as we become puppets of the marketing industry.

Score! is set in the world of reality TV. A world where, according to the TV marketing gurus, “if you aren’t famous you’re a failure!” I have created parallels with the story of Petrushka through the characters of  Petrushka, the Ballerina, the Blackamoor and the Puppetmaster." MAGGI SIETSMA

DRAMA CONSULTANT: Jennifer Flowers

Technical Specifications

Personnel touring:
7 dancers, 1 Artistic Director, 1 Tour Manager, 1 Stage Manager and 2 technical staff. Total of 12 persons

Performance duration:
70 minutes, no interval

Stage Size:
Minimum 37 feet (11m) wide by 34 feet (10m) deep, 10 feet (3m) minimum wing stage right and 7 feet (2m) stage left. Min grid height 17 feet (5m) to stage, 4 sets of legs, Black dance floor, 2 dressing rooms for 5 persons each, 1 room for crew, 1 room for Artistic Director and Manager.

150 lamps min, 125 by 2kw channels min, lighting board toured by the company.
MD Player, Standard Stereo P.A. System and 2 foldback boxes minimum. Projection: Installation of, either our touring projector (from DVD), or yours if more convenient. Projector can be positioned in house or BioBox depending on local conditions.

Communication: 6 Comm sets

For touring inquiries contact:
George Solis - General Manager

+ 61 7 3257 4222

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